A Little Out Of The Ordinary

Published May 25, 2018 by tindertender

I waited in line yesterday to purchase dirt and saw an older man walk by me, foreign in appearance and obviously military. He was followed by a woman about my age who looked slightly stressed, and then by an older woman. The two women looked me in the eye. The younger seeming frazzled, the elder seeming cold. The man walked by again, out of the entrance, stopped and turned and walked in again, looking at me.

I made note of others in the parking lot of the same nationality. Older, men with women, not seeming to be shopping, but more just walking by or idling near their car. I wonder if they were in pairs to be nonchalant or if it was my imagination that there were many more than normally seen in one space at the same time.

Other days I would not have thought twice about it, but the stature of the first man, obvious straight laced military in civilian dress, followed by sight of so many others was unusual.

I did not mention it to the person with me, they did not notice anything as they focused on their purchase.

I’m not paranoid about this … or insinuating they shouldn’t be there … or being discriminatory … it’s just strange how the mind picks up on these instances where things ‘are a little out of the ordinary’, and I didn’t know how else to paint a picture of the situation for you.


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