Published May 18, 2018 by tindertender

Spirit Love Studio


Divine Order of a Higher influence is Now in place upon this planet. The term planet may be used whereas Gaia has Ascended to 5D and these present “planet scenarios” that are running with the timelines, are merely placebos of Gaia. From these placebos are the bridges to the full Sentient Gaia currently residing in 5D, these bridges are TRANSITIONAL TIMELINE BRANCHES. Whereas many of You Now are fully aware of Your multidimensional abilities, You Know that You visit the 5D Timelines, at least periodically. One important reason why You have not yet sustained a 5D existence is because of Your work to assist others to at least get to the bridge. You CAN permanently cross the bridge Yourself at any time upon completing Your Divine Work here and when it is time to leave the lower timelines behind, in accordance with the Divine Plan/Ascension. Your individual Ascension…

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