Visual, And Otherwise, Observations

Published April 17, 2018 by tindertender

The EyeTonight as I looked into the eyes of my companions I noticed “that thing” where i look into one eye for a moment and then the other, shifting back and forth between the two. I wondered if it was as obvious to them as it felt to me, and I wondered if they, too, experienced this same shift when looking into the eyes of someone.

I noticed also that I tended to break the visual connection, seemingly like a hug that has lasted too long. I plan on developing this connective skill, visually, in hugs, as well as in attention.

It seems to me that this separation has been fostered between people for a very long time, and knowingly, or unknowingly, all have been part of the nurturing of it. There are many factors which contribute to our divide, but there are also many attributes we share that can heal the rift.

Since I’ve decided to be part of the process which brings forth care and compassion in the world, I am determined to learn all that I can about the nuances of self that prohibit it, and then … as so eloquently put tonight … embrace all that it is.

I used to say, “You are the only one you’ll spend the rest of your life with, so learn to love who/what you are”, but now I see this a bit differently. Since we are all made up of the same stuff on the inside, even if it be in various stages of experience, WE are the ones we’ll spend the rest of our lives with. It is really important to work toward a greater understanding of what that truly means.

Affirming what we would like to see in the world, and what we would like to experience is a good practice. Where attention goes, energy flows. 


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