Honing That Which Brings Peace

Published April 17, 2018 by tindertender


There is a coming together, and an allowing. Some will work toward benefit for all, others will be selfish and do things which cause chaos … in the home and in the mind. There will be a separation of the two, and a honing of that which is beneficial and those who work toward harmony.

As much as we love those who are left behind, it is their choice to fall away, to remain separated. It is proven by their constant manipulations, by their forever refusal to come together as a unit.

I do not speak of military here, for they are about control and punishment. I speak of those who will bring peace to the land, and to the hearts of many.

Pinpoints of light are shooting up and a time will come when they mesh, becoming a beam of precious light, burning out what remains of darkness and chaos.


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