River Of Life

Published March 25, 2018 by tindertender

“You can’t do that!” she said, and slapped the cuffs on and hauled her off to jail.

The drug epidemic is huge and many people fall into it’s trap. Hurting so much from the pain they’ve experienced they would do anything to find relief, but most are not equipped with knowledge of healthy techniques to handle it, nor are there meet ups which will help them learn. So they turn to the thing that others in their community may have turned to, a mind altering substance which will numb the pain, and for a moment make them feel better.

The jailer wanted to understand, so she purchased what the young woman had been taking and tried it herself. Little did she know she would then fall into the same trap.

Life is like a river.


Sometimes we get carried off by it, tumbled among the current scraping on the rocks at bottom and then churned to the top again. If we work hard, or are thankfully exposed to a method which helps us to see more clearly, we will find ourselves on the bank of the river … watching it flow by while marveling at the beauty and power of it. Yet there comes a time when we may slip off the bank and once more find that we are tossed about in the current of it, and hopefully have the strength to once more make it to the banks. There are others who graduate to flying above the river, seeing life as those tossed and on the banks cannot. They soar above seeing it all. Seemingly they are impervious to the snare, but even they, when diving for fish, can become caught in the raging flow of it and once more have to make their way to the banks, and then to the air.

ALL people start out in the river. Depending on the amount of work one wishes to put forth will depend on the situation they create for themselves. It truly is all about choice from the moment one realizes they are in the river called life.



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