A Full Life

Published March 24, 2018 by tindertender

Earth Woman
There is a fullness developing. Perhaps you’ve noticed that a life which once seemed sort of ’empty’ is beginning to fill with all sorts of things, meaningful things, life altering things.

As this filling up is noticed, there will also be noticed an increase in that which will attempt to still this process. An illness, an accident, a loss of some sort. Yet beyond what may seem like tragedy there remains the increase of what make us who we are. While other stuff falls away it is important to embrace the newness coming forth from inside.

When change is presented often the first inclination is to grasp at what was, what is being shifted. A stubborn refusal may even hold the mind in a vice like grip. Relaxing and allowing these changes can be difficult, yet when we do relax and allow, the pain of change lessens and the suffering around it eases.

Many times when the shift occurs it can be seen that this newness is really a blessing which has improved life in some fashion, and this too can be altered in time, when new revelations form in the mind.

Some may call life a fickle river of ebb and flow. I see it as a dance between the highs and lows of altering waves, without which life could not exist, at least not as we currently know it.

Reaching for the fullness of the combined reality, not so much struggling, but learning to allow this flow, there is a place one can rest and watch the harmony of it all. I’m journeying there, visiting with others who appear to have reached that point before me, learning the ways which may ease the shift.

None are more intelligent than another, there are simply different levels of awareness, of connectedness. When the struggle gets tiring, that is when this journey is embraced and change begins to happen, for again, letting go of what was is an extremely difficult adjustment. Yet it is possible, and it will be, given the choice, and the willingness in each person to achieve forward movement.

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