Wonderment Of Life

Published March 23, 2018 by tindertender

In western medicine a diagnosis may be given which has no treatment. The message may be to live life to the best of your ability until you simply are not able to anymore. Only then will extreme measures be considered, for only then are they willing to tear apart the whole structure in hopes of putting it back together again.

The doctor may say something like, “I know it is hard, now that you know, but try to put this out of your mind and just live your life.” Easier said that done, right? Or perhaps you haven’t been in a situation like this.

Physical ailments are treated in this manner, spiritual ailments are as well.


In wonderment you may sit there and ponder this thing called life. The mind can be torn asunder, leaving one to doubt their ability to go on, yet they do … and often do so very well. The body may become damaged and leave one to wonder if they will be able to go on, yet they do … and often do so very well.

Life will bring us challenges that may cause us to buckle, give up, get mad, rise, and push forward despite it all, leaving us humbled by the experience. Through it all, a discovery is made … of the resilience which has always been within.

I once severed the tip of my finger off. The doctor sewed it back on and as it healed, growing back together, I would stare at it in awe. I have the majority of feeling still in that finger tip and am amazed at the process. The same goes for mental fatigue and trauma, somehow lifting out of the fog to carry on once more. And physical too … time after time miracles are given, circumstances which seem hopeless proven to be quite the opposite.

What a pleasure it is to experience this flow. As brutal as it sometimes is, it is equally as beautiful and inspiring.

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