Barriers Of The Mind

Published March 21, 2018 by tindertender

It is more clear now than ever before … what I write comes not from my knowledge alone. This is information from beyond me, put in writing to the best of my understanding. I am still learning.

Recently I have been introduced to a group of people with teachings to offer. What I heard last night is confirmation of things written of in the past … our power is in choice, all are worthy, sacred connection brings peace to earth … many things along these lines, as well as some others.

Barriers of the Mind

The avenue for this information is widening. I am grateful to have opportunity to increase understanding, and to let my own personal ‘mind games’ go. He was right, the mind does indeed come up with a million reasons why anyone should stay in suffering, yet here again, it is the power of our choice.

I am excited. There is now another resource which explains things more clearly, at least in a manner that I am more able to clearly understand. This, combined with a sacred corn planting ceremony in May I have recently been invited to is such a blessing. I am working my way up into an awe, and as of yet, unbelievable joy.

My wish for all others is that they find avenues which will help them surpass barriers of the mind, and the belief they must suffer.

Let the journey begin … again.

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