Resolution For Life

Published March 15, 2018 by tindertender

I stood at the brink of death, and I teetered … nearly destroyed by what I had done. I came back into the realm of goodness, however slow the journey was. Here I sit, focused on the health of my body, and I realize it is truly about mind, body, and soul/spirit. They all travel hand in hand and none go anywhere without the others, while here.

So focused on spirit have I been that I completely ignored the body. He says I am stronger than he thought I was, and I reply, “You haven’t seen anything yet.” This older woman is going to transform. I am happy for this new circumstance for it has allowed my mind to refocus and move forward in a more rounded manner. Steadily I add to my arsenal.


I will not be at the mercy of another claiming there is nothing that can be done, while slipping the tongue and saying quite the opposite. I caught his eye as this happened and saw that he hoped I hadn’t noticed. I did … and that’s all I needed to know.

I step more fully into my personal power. I take charge of my health in all realms. I will not live this life crawling and helpless, no … I resolve to finish strong.


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