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Published March 9, 2018 by tindertender

Star Seed
When the soul opens the barrier of the body and the energetic ‘field’ a feeling quite unique happens. The body tingles, the breath slows, things previously kept hidden become known. It is a beautiful feeling bringing with it imagery which can inspire fear, and awe, and a desire to return to a place of comfortable separation.

For these brief moments which seem to last forever, the world lived in becomes bigger, more expansive, and includes things once denied.

There is a sorrow stemming from fear, will a crack appear in the psyche, or will this passage be traversed without injury? Will there be a path to return upon, to the world most well known? These are risks one takes when traveling certain paths. These excursions can be quite terrifying, and sometimes occur quite by accident.

When the world opens up it is realized the ‘family’ is very extensive. Just like some folks in this world, there are those one would probably prefer not to be around. Infinite universes, time which lapses and increases, folding into itself.

This closed off situation is one we choose. It can be open, or closed … the infinite invited in, or kept at bay (consciously) … until this body quits, that is.

Awareness is a gift. If we do not seek it, it will forever be lost to us. Many seek it unconsciously, instinctively knowing this is what they wish, yet quite unaware of the reasons they may do the things they do, until the door opens, and they see. They may question themselves and wonder why they would have chosen this, yet they also have faith that in due time, they will know everything they need to know … for this journey, for their purpose.

Mystical? Quite. This is the only word that can somewhat describe the awareness that has been hidden for so long. In these days and times, there will be more and more people opening up and having unique experiences. One day, we may be able to more fully connect and share. I sense it on the horizon.


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