Cookie Filled Tummy

Published March 6, 2018 by tindertender

happy-tummyThere’s a reason I ask him to put these fresh baked cookies into a container and keep them in his room. Here I sit, a little more than half awake now, eating two of them, This is the way I roll with it, I have no will power … not for these cookies! Nice and thick, they are peanut butter cookies with walnuts and deluxe chocolate chips, baked just under so they are nice and soft. One thing that man never fails at, is cookies. Now if only he’d help me eat them!

I was blessed with a day off work today, so I moved up my dental appointment, no need to wait until Saturday … that day can now be used for something else! I know what my dogs would vote for.

I bought a few books last night while at a fair. I’ll be practicing at how to keep my attention ‘feathered’ and not pin point focused. I believe that by narrowing this attention, it actually makes it more difficult to see the wider picture, causing much to be missed out on. I’ll begin today … a little later.

Until then, back to bed for a cookie filled tummy nap! I wonder what kind of dreams this will bring …

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