Time To Connect

Published March 2, 2018 by tindertender

Little fluff, not so little now, lying on the floor. She extends herself to a comfortable point and then relaxes. It’s daylight now and the time nears to depart from this cozy abode. Guardian remains to watch over precious ones here.

Do you have anything to say to me? I would like to hear your thoughts. Intuition and perception are acute, however no one can be inside your mind … or mine ~ or can they?

I reach above my head and pull a card from its place. I read it once more, a gift from a very dear friend. Prosperity Law #46: “Everything in this incredible universe is perfectly orchestrated and finely tuned. We are all individual parts of the whole, and as such, we are one. There is a master plan. There are no accidents. There is meaning and harmony in everything that happens.”

Aaahhh … I reach up again and grab onto what I thought was a notepad, only to find it is a book, stashed, perhaps just for this moment. I open to a random page and write what I find. “… How hard is the trail when taken alone. Rocks and pitfalls lie before your feet and how weary and lonely is the way when you are walking, unknowingly, without your Guide.”  ~ The Journey with the Master, Eva Bell Werber

Taking time to connect to the energetic flow of the body, the mind .. to tune in to that which surrounds you … will assist the connection to the Divine, and your Guide. Bless yourself with this gift, it waits for you. Honor your right to a happy and aligned life.


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