Embracing Time

Published March 1, 2018 by tindertender

Embracing TimeThey didn’t expect me to make it, they didn’t think I would survive. They came upon me thinking it would be easy … an easy out. Breathe he said, as I swam under water, and I almost did, so I stepped out of the river and chose not to swim any more. Other times came and went where they thought I would release them, but no, here I am still.

I have a life to lead, and although I was in error, I am not any longer ~ at least not the same type of error. I have begun to think that perhaps life isn’t about getting it right, or fouling up. I now think it is about learning to stand up and lead ones self, rather than being led by another.

While I wasted much time in the beginning, I’m determined to make the most of the end. With renewed hope and joy for living I embrace what is left, and I pull from the core of me that which I have always loved ~ self expression. This had been stifled for so long, held at bay by others judgments which became my own. I release them now.

There isn’t time to waste, so I embrace what is left of time.

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