Thought Transfer On Waves

Published February 28, 2018 by tindertender

Standing, I stretch my arms out to my side, fingers splayed. I start low and slowly raise them, feeling the stretch in my elbow and the pulse in my hands. I raise then higher, slowly, feeling the stretch in my shoulders, in my back. I lower them, slowly, feeling this pulse through my hands and arms, fingers stretched out and a reaching for something ‘out there’, and then I raise them again, just as slowly. Doing this several times, I then lower my arms slightly, bending my elbows. At first all is quiet, but then the pulse begins again as this energy flows through my body.

Qi EnergyQi (chi) … life force …

Palms facing away from me, I push out to the front slowly. I feel the energy move. Turning hands inward to face me, I bring them back slow and feel the energy pulsing from them as they move toward my face. I hold them there a moment, I move them slowly down my face without touching flesh, to my neck, to my chest, to my stomach.

A warmth spreads through my body unlike heat, more like a ripple of energetic fusion. It’s nice. My hands are electrified, everything they come near feels this effect, knowingly or not. The hands are the highest transfer of this force. I rub them together swiftly, tightening my sphincter. I release and stretch them out to my sides once more, repeating the above. The entirety of both arms are now alive and pulsing. I hold them, bent at the elbow, palms up, and I feel the energy move.

I clasp my hands together loosely and I raise them over my head. I release, and move the arms slowly outward and splay the fingers once more, feeling this pulse as I do. I bend my elbows once more, palms upward, and I chant … Aum … Aum … Aum. I feel the vibration of my voice in my hands, and I know that this energy is in full flow. As I chant Aum, I silently think the words … Healing, Peace, Harmony. I send these thoughts out on the wave coming from my body.

I am now ready for work. I will walk with this energy and vibration throughout the day, coming back to this moment in times of intensity.

This can be done seated as well, keeping the feet uncrossed for proper flow.


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