Meeting Of Minds

Published February 27, 2018 by tindertender

Two Lions come together on either side of the world. The intention is to bring peace and harmony. They’ve exposed the underside of the dark bellies, brought light to the sinister deeds done by many. Yet there are those who deny these things, insisting all is well, what else can they do?

Childhood for many is spent with yelling, argument, beatings, rape, vile things that only they know for most do not speak of it. As adults they try to work through their young life trauma, and if they’re able they might just be in a place where they can forgive by the time they die.

There is a necessity to end this cycle, in order to do so it will take ALL of the people working together, it requires that there be an understanding between each other, a willingness to eliminate that which is hurtful to anyone … child, or adult.

And so it will be that this line of separation becomes thin, it is quite thin already! On one side are those who embrace the perceived power they hold to inflict pain upon another. On the other side are those who nurture and teach a development of compassion and care … a nurturing of souls, healers of the world if you will.

Heaven vs HellThese are they who life depends upon, for if this healing does not take place, humanity is doomed. My belief is that most like living, and that most like loving. Strip away all the judgement about hugging and hand holding, and you have a childlike acceptance and joy. I remember the days when two females could walk together holding hands and no one would think a sexual thought about it … just two women enjoying each others company, a comfortable closeness uninhibited by notions of the world. Not any more, two women holding hands tell a tale that has been woven into society, even a woman wearing short hair speaks of the same tale. They are false though.

A day will come, sooner than many will care to think of, where people can hold hands, and hug each other out of friendship. There will be no insinuations of a sexual nature, it will be accepted as freely as a child hugging another child, innocent, caring.

Although there are plenty of folks who wage war and separation, who promote judgment and speak falsehood, bearing false witness against pretty much everyone they meet or see ~ There are plenty of others who work to balance out these acts, and the pendulum will swing in their favor, watch and see.

Are you part of the solution, or are you part of destruction? Choice is yours, and option to change course is always there.

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