Fasting, For Life

Published February 27, 2018 by tindertender

Large intestineDuring this fast I’ve discovered, once again, the body does not need to have food morning, noon and night. Perhaps it is because I’ve packed on a few extra pounds, I did not experience too many hunger pangs. I did have a few pieces of hard candy when I felt hungry, but no solid foods, and an occasional clear protein drink. This fast is Dr. ordered, but in the future I may just do it by choice, for it reminds me that food can become a habit, just like anything else. The hardest thing was not getting up and cooking breakfast, not because I was hungry but because it was routine and habit. I can tell you my digestive tract has never been so clean.

As one gets older there are tests that ought to be performed. I opted for this not because I was told it was needed, but because Dr. wanted to do it, and I know of a gal who died at the age of 44 because she had never had a one done. I plan on living so I will do this and then forget about it for a decade.

So here’s to life, here’s to living … with purpose and care. No time to waste.


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