MRI ~ A Strong Magnetic Field

Published February 26, 2018 by tindertender


I laid my body down and slid into the center of a gigantic, round magnetic machine. For thirty minutes this thing rotated around my body making a loud hum as it turned.

It can be difficult to understand how certain things work with magnetic fields, radio waves and such, here is a description of what this machine does.

“An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) works by a strong magnetic field being created by passing an electric current through the wire loops. While this is happening, other coils in the magnet send and receive radio waves. This triggers protons in the body to align themselves. Once aligned, radio waves are absorbed by the protons, which stimulate spinning. Energy is released after “exciting” the molecules, which in turn emits energy signals that are picked up by the coil. … This is not a natural process for the body and can be thought of sub atomically as if hitting the brain against the Cranium it will shock the cells and tissues albeit briefly.”

Upon returning home I kicked up the footrest on the recliner and slid my afghan up to my chest. I closed my eyes and rested. After a time I began to see the pulse of the violet light, coming in strong an moving out of sight, replaced by another pulse. This time was slightly different, as behind the violet light I saw the darkened sky, space, full of stars. It seemed that this violet light was trying to cover this scene, the way it came in big and moved to the outer edges and then back again. I’m curious what is there, in that scene, in starlight.

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