Evening Thoughts

Published February 22, 2018 by tindertender

It amazes me the way cauliflower smells when cooking, slightly pungent, yet my taste buds know very well it is good. I wait for it to finish so I can eat to my hearts content what will be my supper.

This week went by extremely quick! I looked at the calendar this afternoon and realized tomorrow is Friday already. I am curious if this time warp is due to the snow fall. Perhaps the beauty of it, and the extra care to drive in it, threw my senses off somewhat. Whatever it is, I am happy, for the weekend will be here soon and I will enjoy to the best of my ability the coming 4 days off work.


It was chilly when I arrived home tonight so I built a fire in the fireplace. This is rare, for during the week there isn’t many hours to enjoy it before bed. It is quite nice though, the crackling of the wood, the smell of it, and the beauty in the flickering flames.

I will be calling the Federal DO NOT CALL list phone number and register my cell phone. I am tired of automated calls wanting to talk about the credit card I do not own, or the other calls wanting to thank me for choosing Marriott, where I never go. Amazing … they do not even have real people do the soliciting nowadays.

I filter, distill, filter again, and then once more, my water and amazingly, the last filter still gets clogged very quickly! Now what in the world is a person to do if all these filtering processes do not clean the water sufficiently? I suppose a second distillation may need to be in order.

I’ll have my test results from the snow in about eight days. I will know then whether I should give it up, or pour it on … and you will know as well.



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