Medical Madness ~ SSRIs and Mass Killings

Published February 21, 2018 by tindertender

Antidepressants and the affect on people are SO dangerous!! Pharma has had too much leeway with the public, and not held accountable.

Drugs kill, those who take them, and those affected by those who take them. Yet they are still prescribed massively!!

I was put on one of these (prozac) years ago for depression. I had an experience where I tore the phone off the wall and slammed it into the floor until it was unrecognizable. It was an uncontrollable rage, NEVER experienced before. I called the doctor and told him I needed to be weened off that crap and his response? He said I needed MORE of it!! I quit cold turkey, these are a prescription for danger and death. Depression passes people, smoke a joint instead. BTW, withdrawals from these things are absolutely awful. I refuse to take that shit!!!

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