Getting In Front Of Polar Shift

Published February 18, 2018 by tindertender

What has been a moist area for the flourishing of some species of plants, and other life, is becoming dry and arid. What was once dry and arid is becoming wet and soggy. Plant life in these regions are not doing well, forests and jungles everywhere are diseased and suffering as they try to survive.

When poles shift

Poles are shifting, climate is changing, weather patterns are unpredictable as growing seasons shift. Forests the world over are becoming diseased and are dying, as well as all of the other foliage … our oxygen makers. Oceans are warming and life there is dying also … the other oxygen supplier.

There are many folks who say some plants ought not to be introduced to ‘native’ land, however if the poles are shifting (which we are told is true), what flourishes there will also change. Would it not be best to get in front of this rebirthing that the land is doing in every area of the world?

It is February, and already the daffodils are in bloom. There is snow falling on the mountain and we are told it may also reach the lower elevations this weekend. Having lived 50+ years, I can tell you this is not normal, dealing with this cannot be done in a ‘normal’ fashion either.

Some say to introduce a non native plant will interrupt the ecosystem of a place, but we can see it dying before our eyes … what has grown here for centuries is not doing well … so … what will? We must act before all of our oxygenators are gone, for we will then be gone as well.

It seems the plan is to hold on to native species, however when these poles shift, this is just plain illogical. What once grew will no longer … it is common sense.


Antarctica Was Once Home To Rainforest, Say Scientists

A list of drought tolerant trees:
~ Elm; Oak; Ginko Biloba or “Maidenhair Tree”; Shagbark Hickory; Red Maple, Hawthorne; Thornless Honeylocusts; Sumacs; Crape Myrtles; Leyland Cypress; Mugo Pines; Short Leaf Pine; Virginia Pine; Eastern White Pine; Loblolly Pine

Below are a few resources to investigate what may be needed in your area. There are many sites to glean information. Using common sense, we may be able to turn this around before we get caught in a situation where nothing is growing well.

Earths magnetic pole shift


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