Long Drive & Mineral Bath

Published February 3, 2018 by tindertender


Today I decided to drive for an hour to a mineral bathhouse I never need make appointment for. The price is reasonable, they open at nine, so an early bird as myself has something to do in the morning, something beautiful, something precious.

A bird of prey visited me while I soaked,
While wrapped in blankets a frog did too.
My list of things to be grateful for grew.
As I lay there,
I counted them one by one.
The list appears to be never-ending.
Sweat trickles down my neck,
My head is also wrapped.
A gentle breeze enters the open door
Drifting upon my face.

On the ride home I became very sleepy. I was followed by a police officer for a time. Going around sharp corners, slowing, then speeding up for the straight-a-way, I thought sure this officer would find reason to pull this ‘out-of-stater’ over. Pleasantly enough he passed me instead when passing lanes arrived, pulling to the shoulder up ahead. I thought, “What are you up to?”, as I drove on by, but he stayed behind.


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