Turmoil On The Inside

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

Whe Food Bites Back

It all started with missing lunch. For dinner it began with an avocado on toast, followed by a tangerine and an apple. Delicious and sweet these things were and satisfying for sure.

The man of the house decided to cook macaroni & cheese and tater tots too, he offered me some and I said no thank you … yet there they were, extra on the stove top, so I ate them anyway.

I sit at my desk and begin to ache, my stomach hollering all hell, so I rose from my chair and gulped trusted pepto and questioned the sanity of eating poison.

Tomorrow, I think, I’ll try again. It is hard to say no to a man who cooks, even if the food eats me after I eat it, a suffering inflicted on self, knowing it full well.

Habits are difficult to break, and new ones developed even tougher.

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