Silky Stubborn Flow

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

Silken Hair

I put you up and support you with spray, spray of care and tenderness. Yet you fall again, and again. I do not want to cut you off, I’d like to see you grow, but this is quite frustrating. Perhaps it is frustrating only because I try to form you a certain way, and you have a life of your own … it is apparent. Maybe it is time to just be with what you are, observe you as you flow.

You and I will spend this life together, for I will never shave you off. I must use my will and open nature to accept you, for you. I love you … you are like silk, never in knots. You shine brightly and leave me in awe every time I look at you. I have seen you change over the years ~ light to dark you went, but here you are … turning light again, magnificent.



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