The Love Of My Life

Published January 31, 2018 by tindertender


The love of my life is … Mother. I’m guessing it is the same for quite a number of people, which is why I am so amazed at the harsh treatment of women all over the world. I suppose it is a blaming of her for the many hurts her children experience through their young lives.

Mom cannot protect us from everything, and it isn’t something she should be blamed for. It isn’t humanly possible! All the while she cares for her children, she experiences harsh reality herself, abuses the child may never know of, even after becoming an adult.

I suppose she is the easiest target for painful experiences … first dealing with her own, and then suffering for the experiences the child may think she’s responsible for. One would think being a mother is a thankless job … yet women continue to become just that.

It would be great if people could look within their hearts and minds to discover the (probably) buried causes of their inner pain, and work though them … forgiving where needed, letting go ~ a BIG release, for it is a weight that hinders well being, not only for self, but for all others the injured spirit touches.

I know … for I was one who did exactly what I speak of, and now understand … It takes time and effort ~ living a life of peace is hard work.

A wise man once said, “It takes a strong man to go into battle, it takes an even stronger man to walk away from one”.

It is true … for in walking away, or in forgiving perceived wrongs, others may ridicule and cast their own judgments about what they think you should do. Remember, it is your own opinion about what you decide that is important. Anger, or vengeful thinking, is not a burden worth carrying, for the room created by letting it go provides space for much goodness.


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