Creating Connection and Cutting Cords

Published January 30, 2018 by tindertender

My friend, I saw you with her and even though my heart strings were twinged I was happy for you, I looked at her and tried to see what you saw. She is beautiful, full of life, so energetic, I suppose that is a characteristic of a young woman. Now, I see that she has removed herself from view, I notice that the relationship you had built seems to have toppled. I do not ask questions, I need not know details … this is the way of life.

Everyone you meetIt is strange, these cords of connection. I never really thought of them until a year ago. It amazes me how two can be so far apart, hardly even know each other, yet be connected in a very real way … I’m still trying to decide whether this is beneficial or not.

Many people teach and talk of cutting cords, yet this is done with the mind and the energies that flow from thought and intention. If one is not practiced in conscious focus, or aware of it at least, cords will not be severed, and the ease, or unease, will continue as others determine. But you know this already, you may also know that I am not ready, or willing to severe this cord. Yet I am not ready or willing to travel the path too often either.  I take time and sense you. I pay close attention to see if the two energies have become confused, what is mine, what is yours, what belongs to everyone I meet in a day, daily.

I wait patiently, I observe life and catch glimpses of intention. At first they all swam together, but they are becoming separated now, yet still part of a whole that they may not be aware of. This same whole in which I live.


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