Conscientious Choices

Published January 30, 2018 by tindertender

I'm DoneEvery time I come near her she slaps me! I ask her to stop, she refuses. Finally I get into it and bitch slap her like never before, but stop after a few short bursts for it is not my intention to hurt her, only to let her know how it feels. You see, I love her, she is a beautiful soul who I value and cherish, however I will not allow her to continue harming me. As she stands in utter shock at what just occurred, I step in and hold her, I tell her that I love her and this whole scenario must end. I do not know if she will ever forgive, or is even capable of living in peace. Time will tell.

Anger and pain have a terrible habit of leaking out of one and into others. Many people are not aware they are leaking, and some are perfectly aware yet do not know how to stop it. Only a desire for peace and love will be able to encourage an investigation into possibilities. Only a strong yearning for the pain to end will bring about a change.

The will is strong, more powerful than any of us has been led to believe. It is good practice to ‘change your mid’. Feel how it affects the body when you do, does it tense, or does it relax? Sometimes, when in an abusive situation, the drama and pain and fear can become somewhat ‘normal’ and when it stops, it feels as though something is off, or wrong. It will take adjusting to a life without this upset.

Respect YourselfYears ago I found myself addicted to Visine. After a time it burned my eyes, as though I developed an allergy to it. Not realizing this I continued to use it. After another bout of time my eyes started to not only burn, but would become so blood shot after using it that the pain was intense … So I stopped. That is when I realized I had become addicted to the burn. After awhile I became glad that I wasn’t inflicting this on myself.

All lifes situations are like this, whether we act against ourselves, or someone else does … whether we treat ourselves, or someone else does. It is all a chemical compound released in our minds, and when we understand this, then we can determine what we will allow our minds to produce.

This is the exercise which will bring about peace … if we choose it, if we work for it, if we are consciously aware and willing to put forth the effort. It CAN be done. All of those who say, “There will always be war, you cannot make everyone like each other” are fooling themselves and perhaps without even knowing, programming the world for continued cycle through pain.


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