River Called Life

Published January 29, 2018 by tindertender

tree of life_river of life

The river of life brings turbulence at times, throwing logs of destruction … as well as fish, along with every other little critter that dwells there in harmonious balance. The fallen trees can seem like damage causing annoyances, yet they are the ones who break up stuff and force a new reality.

Often the new reality will not have the log in it, or sometimes life gets caught up with many of them in a “jam”. When this happens, the river changes course, leaving behind the jam and forging new paths of wonder which benefit all creatures along the way, bringing water, the source of life, as life, to others.

Woman, and man, are the source of life, bringing life to others much like the river. This genealogy flows like the mighty river which touches so many lives. Some do not bear children and if they are the last in the family line, then that ‘river’, that line, will wither and dry up, no longer helping the other life that requires such rich sustenance, the waters of life.

I never had children and I am thankful I have a brother who did. Two beautiful females who will one day have children of their own … the river continues …

The human body is made up of water, in fact the majority of it IS water, much like the river of life, the human body walks around AS life.

Keeping the river clean is a challenge. There are many polluters in the land who will just toss their trash into the river not giving a dam about the damage caused. It pollutes the waters for every other life form that they touch, it becomes poisoned as toxins are leached into it, it becomes an eyesore … so trash throwers go to find another clear running stream to throw their trash into, rather than training themselves on cleaning up their own garbage.

This is life. Our waters are forever being marred by something or other. It is our responsibility to recognize a ‘jam’ or a polluter, and change course, or rage like never before to wash away the filth that clings to our shores.

Roil it up, spew it out, change course if need be ~ but always look after your waters for they are the most sacred part of the form that is you.


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