Heart And Flower

Published January 29, 2018 by tindertender

Heart and FlowerMoments awash with glimmers of hope, swell into longing for that which is known, yet not found here.

Days roll into one another, an eagerness for a finalization of the grand plan. Not that of man, but that which is more than man … aside from pride.

I have been told to take pride in my appearance, to be proud of my accomplishments, to wear this thing called pride for others to see, yet this is a trap, it feeds the ego and dims the view.

The heart is the pump of the body, and more than that, it is the main electrical impulse sender for the spirit, the communicator with soul. It functions without our needing to do anything.

All that is good is rising like the first sun in full glory, splendid for the seer to behold. Literally, and figuratively, we will experience swift shifts … coming quicker than anyone walking this earth has ever known.


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