Nails In Stone

Published January 25, 2018 by tindertender

Upside down ptramidUpside down pyramids stacked atop one another, they are four tall. A platform rests on the highest one, and on that,  is yet another pyramid. A light shines from the stacked shaft, a glow surrounds it.

Two pillars just yonder, stoic, no movement seen. Shadows dance as though solid objects surround them, yet eyes catch no obvious barrier, or structure other than the ones holding light.

Trees in the distance seem small, experience says otherwise.

A mother stands near in flowing garment, wearing her heart on the ‘outside’ for all to see. A power unknown to many rests with her as she guards her small child. A beauty encompasses them as life-bearer watches over innocence.

Mother & Child

Her guardian is near, a rumbling in his throat is heard as he sends warning to others, letting them know to be wary. He does not disturb mother and child, his warning more sensed than heard.

At the end of time there is chaos, those who dwell there plot to sabotage what is good, to destroy it. They move forward, feel the warning rumble, and shrink back again. The narrow-mindedness of chaos is blinding, intensity poured into shallow thought ruins good structure.

Crystal goblet too large to be of use twinkles as the light from the shaft of pyramids passes through it. A scent of flowers permeates the air, moving slowly on a nearly imperceptible wind.

A rustling is heard quite near, someone is coming ~ or perhaps they are only snooping, still aware of the hushed rumble of warning.

Tappity, tap, tap … nails in stone. Both are hard, yet one will yield …

Nail in stone



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