Training For Reigning

Published January 23, 2018 by tindertender

Resources are dear, it is true. It isn’t just the wealth of a country that is dear though, it is the waters of the world, the land and the care which goes into nurturing and tending it so it produces good foods. It is in the way we treat each other and care for each other.

We can see, just by being in the world, that ALL of the resources life depends upon are dwindling due to misuse. Greed has taken over the entire world and does not care one dam about the life in it.

Training for ReigningReaching out to each other is difficult, for an air of distrust has been instilled in the minds and hearts of people. Robbers and thieves, rapists and murderers, they go about doing their business and no one stops them, in fact, they’ve been armed by enemies within the system while they kick back and watch the destruction, gleefully patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

In the USA the prisons are full. Full of those that cause dysfunction, and also full of those who have been wrongly accused. Full of those with minor charges, full of those who would end all life.

Here’s the thing … people are not held accountable, from a very early age. But more than this, children are not properly nurtured as they grow, parented by someone who was not properly nurtured, doing the best they can while trying to heal their own spirit, their soul. The trauma exacerbates through time, the focus goes inward, spinning in pain and fear, unable to care for others.

That pain and fear must be broken up, a stillness must occur in the propagation of a people while a great healing is allowed.This does not mean death to people, only a slowing down … it must be for pain has bred to overflowing, it must be reigned in.



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