Living Life By The Rules

Published January 21, 2018 by tindertender


Many people do their very best to live life “by the rules”. They make purchases with proper UPC codes using money. Every thing they buy, every thing they say, they think is authentic. While they slept, or were out for a time, the ‘authentic’ items and words were replaced by replicas, the codes honed off, the truth skewed ever so slightly. Of course they do not notice this since both are so very similar, and they go about life as though all is well. One day, the police come by looking for stolen equipment, they see the items, check the description and find that the stolen items are in possession of the one trying so hard to live by the rules. They hear the lies coming from the mouth of those who thought they were speaking truth. Try as they might, they cannot justify the situation, the stolen property, and the lies, are in their possession and utilized, are told by them.

All things in this world are like that. They seem so real, but they have been replaced by duplicates, stolen from someone else, or twisted into something not quite true. True love seems elusive. For a time, many may think they have it, but then it becomes abusive and they realize it never was what they thought. Love IS real, just not here. Technology IS real, but not in the way it is thought of … what is experienced harms, not benefits, the illusion is thick and nearly imperceptible.

Deep within the core of life, this is known to be true. Distractions cause an ignoring of the inner senses, thus giving life to the illusion.


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