Is It Really You?

Published January 21, 2018 by tindertender

What shall I say to you? You are near but you do not understand. The flow is quite complex! How can one possibly dwell in one place, yet live in another? A dilemma misunderstood by many.

Hand and sand

Some of us do not have a choice, it just is. Which brings a question, “Is there such a thing as freedom?”. Certainly systems can be shut down but is this the wisest thing to do?  Is true freedom having knowledge and experience which surpasses what is thought of as ‘normal’?

When people are faced with an unknown, fear can develop, and there may be a closing down … it can be painful to remain open. But you know this already.

On the other side of time is a soul lived in varying aspects  of itself, revolving through childhood, adult and elder phases? Are there highs and lows, a speeding up and a slowing down, a rising and a falling?

Like a wave,
As an orbit,
In and out of season.

Is there light combined with night or is it all the same, constant, never changing? I don’t really want to know, yet I do.

Is it really you, or is it not? Things change so frequently it is hard to know. Time will tell … as soon as it ends.


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