Dawn Of A New Day

Published January 20, 2018 by tindertender

light-shining-dark-abstract-background-37706186Light shines in a darkened room, with it comes soft sounds of music. A hum sounds out as water is purified. My mind slips into forested trails where birds sing and critters roam.

Love longed for, near, yet far. A wall of glass, and invisible barrier, separates two … and more. An ache makes itself known, not sharing cause.

Direction for today is yet to be determined, choices presented are many. Massage sounds nice and so does a mineral bath, but what tugs at my heart strings is a stroll through the forest. This is where I will begin.


2 comments on “Dawn Of A New Day

  • My girlfriend is huge into the essential oils and treatments from them. It’s help me tremendously and she also created a detox bath with epson salt and other oils. Listening to music and having the smell of peppermint oil is so soothing and relaxing

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