Frustration & Release

Published January 14, 2018 by tindertender

Frustration rushes through my mind as I read the letter. It is painful to know that the one counted on is not willing to do the work, letting the task fall to the side rather than fight for what is right. I reach out, grasping at straws, attempting to round up assistance elsewhere. It is not found … perhaps it is best left to dissolve into the past. Maybe, just maybe, my perception is in error, I can hope.

I breathe and look for recipes, wondering what I shall have for supper. I find a brown rice and kale recipe with turmeric and ginger that sounds delicious, and my vegi-burger mix has arrived via FedEx tonight as well. I’ll rise from my comfy chair in about an hour and prepare a wonder and dine like a queen.

Sitting back I take another deep breath.

There is a fine line between getting something for less, and getting something of less value. One must know the difference between cheap and cost ‘wise’.

Perhaps a slight financial gain is not worth the stress put into the subject. It may be best to walk away and focus on the next steps, far away from the last two years which have held onto tragedy. Release ………….


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