All Purpose Healing Salve

Published January 14, 2018 by tindertender

Coconut oil: antimicrobial; disinfectant; claimed to be good for psoriasis and eczema
Vitamin E oil:
heals wounds; reduces scars, wrinkles and brown spots; heals chapped lips and rough skin
firms up salve and balms; creates barrier to seal in moisture while allowing skin to breathe, all while protecting skin from environmental toxins and irritants; promotes cell regeneration
antibacterial; pain reliever; anti-inflammatory
Golden-seal root: antibiotic; anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; anti-tumor
Myrrh: antiseptic; anticancer benefits; antibacterial; helps stop bleeding
Lavender: antibacterial; antimicrobial; healing burns and wounds; relieves pain
Cannabis Root: pain reliever; anti-cancer; anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial

Healing salve

I started by filling mason jars with the broken and split stalks of cannabis stems, as well as the broken pieces of the roots. (I had 3 quart mason jars full). I then filled them about 1/2 with filtered water and then a couple large scoops of coconut oil (One jar I used grape seed oil). I set it on a cloth in the slow cooker so the heat from the pot was not in direct contact with the jars, filled pot with water and set to medium heat. I let it cook there, shaking periodically for about 3-1/2 hours at which point I drained the liquid through a strainer into a metal bowl, and froze (water goes to bottom, oil to top) then separated the oil into a smaller pan.

I reheated the oil in a make-shift double boiler until melted, measured it and added 1/4 cup beeswax pastilles per cup of oil (I had a little over 2 cups oil). * Can use less wax if wanting a salve, more for balms*. Once this was all melted, I added about 90 drops rosemary, 45 drops myrrh, 3 droppers full (about 90 drops) of the golden-seal root and 2+ tbsp of vitamin e oil.

Stirring, I poured the mixture into jars, 2 – 4oz and 2 – 1oz.

This is a salve which can be used for wounds, chapped lips, rough skin, cuticles, and bruises.

Note: Ingredients for this recipe were not literal measurements. They are approximates and can be altered depending on preference. (eg: essential oils, beeswax)

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