Limitless Crest & Trough

Published January 10, 2018 by tindertender

Time is spent in a wave-like movement, from crest to trough … intense connection, to a much needed disconnect. Life is more than the eye can see, the senses know it.

Swimming in a sea where worlds collide, a meshing which only some will know, yet everyone will feel. In certain light-waves, or even sound-waves, this union can be seen. As the moon pulls the tide to and fro, so too are the substances of fleshly bodies and minds, and all the fluids which flow there.

Crest & TroughThis is where I rest ~ the straight-line, the steady, just before cresting once more, or visiting the trough of the fallen wave ~ I breathe.

The intensity of the connect can throw the nervous system for a loop! Living in a body of flesh and fluid isn’t quite geared to such strong union. If only the nervous system were ~ it might be gentler on us all if we truly knew what we are part of.

Back into silence I go, dream-time is upon me. Perhaps I will receive a most important bit of information which will be allowed into the light of day.


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