Life is Pie

Published January 6, 2018 by tindertender

Imagine a circle divided into sections, just like pie before it is eaten. Within this pie, there are pieces called Strength, Love and Compassion.

Those who seek Strength only are missing 2/3rds of the pie. They will never be whole, likewise, those who seek Compassion & Love only, will also never be whole. No one wins, ever, no matter the war waged, or how many pieces of Strength the strength seeker collects, nor how many pieces the compassionate love seeker collects. No one wins, for they will never be whole.

In order for all to win in this game called life, Strength must be layered in Love, followed by a warm blanket of Compassion. Only in this manner will all be whole and able to operate at full capacity.

Strength, Love, Compassion.png

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