Honor, Own or Eat?

Published January 2, 2018 by tindertender

animal-sayings-human-beingThere are those who feed their families and consider the life they take while hunting as sacred. They honor the earth and all of its elements, working to live in harmonious balance.

Many hunters though, while marveling at the beauty of the animal kingdom, will stalk and kill and hang heads on walls as trophies. Some say it is to feed the family, while harboring a great desire to end life. Some ~ treat their spouse with the same ‘respect’. Demanding so much, taking from them any sense of personal value. They create a situation where the only beneficiary is they themselves.

It truly is a fine line, this one we walk. Honoring life can be frivolously tossed aside, especially if lifes value has not been taught. Yet deep within every person is the truth of it. Crawling out of this space where anger and resentment are is difficult, but these things will control a mind and a life, manipulating all actions if not reigned in and brought under control. This is why forgiveness is so important.

hunter trophies

Forgiveness does not even have to be verbal, it need only be a releasing of the connection to pain with whoever wronged us. Cut that tie, drop the string (or the rope) sometimes the road between us can be a well worn path if traveled enough. If the road is paved with consideration and kindness and love, keep it open, if it is paved with grief and pain and revenge, shut it down.

It will get easier with time, and it will be far easier without adding manipulative toxins to the brain. Toxins will not allow a person to work through the pain, they only suffice to keep one whirling in the pool, spinning, and spinning.

Let them go … heal. You deserve it.

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