Great Fracturing Of The Earth

Published December 28, 2017 by tindertender

Deep within the earth are those who long to be free. They desire it so badly, they influence those atop the soil to fracture the planet, called “Fracking”. The guise is that there are gases which are useful, beneficial to our life, but the truth is, they seek to fissure it so intensely, they will be set loose.

Earth Fracture

A heart that is willing to annihilate all life that dwells upon a planet in order to be free, is not a good heart, not one that should be let loose. Yet, with the assistance of the greedy in power, this may come to pass, and humanity may die, along with all other life residing here. As Mars is, and other dry and barren planets, this one too, may come to be.

It is told that these other planets which are barren of life, actually do have those who dwell under the land. Could it be those that were freed, remaining with no one to influence?

The Dragon manifests himself in the force of his power; the Black Beast, on the other hand, acts in the shadow, keeps out of sight, and hides himself in such a way as to enter in everywhereHe has the claws of a bear and the mouth of a lion, because he works everywhere with cunning and with the means of social communication, that is to say, through propaganda.”
~ Blessed Mother Mary


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