Engage, or Disengage?

Published December 25, 2017 by tindertender


That stuff which makes no sense seems to be preferred over the stuff which causes deep thought.  But then, it could be that what causes deep thought in me, does not in others. Perhaps it is the things which make no sense at all that cause deep thought in others, the mystery of what could possibly be, creating a spin in mind.

I wish I could say that everything said was agreed upon and related to by everyone, but since each person is unique, this is not possible. And since each person believes they know best, often seeing things from another point of view, impossible.

It is apparent that few agree, or at least are interested enough to ponder a differing perspective. This is exactly as it should be, unless there is a desire for change. Then change will be , but only if worked on, only if effort applied.

It is easier to say no, to disengage, to move on …



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