To Feel, Or Not To Feel?

Published December 23, 2017 by tindertender

Rabbit hole

Drifting thought.
Sitting, doing nothing.
I reach for pen and paper,
Knocking things to the ground.
Breathing a deep sigh,
I pause.
Dark moments, seemingly never-ending,
Thinking I was alone.
Fallen into the pit,
I climbed my way out …
Deep struggle, wanting to quit,
But not quite.
Reaching the top, I realized
I was never alone,
Always watched over,
And yet, here I am again.
Singular, yet more than before.
I know better now,
But the pit is rising again
In belly. Same helpless
Feelings … however, knowledge of
The strength residing
Inside, a memory.
Sitting in a crowded room
Invisible walls separating.
There is a hearing of words
Spoken, but no understanding.
Those who hear do not
Engage, only discuss
Among each other.
How can truth be
Known without effort to
Is connection so strong
That it is not seen, or felt,
Invisible to the ones who experience?
There’s a pill for that,
And a resistance
To swallow it.
Feeling is raw, it
Would be relief to ease it,
To lessen it.
But who exactly benefits
From a mind dulled?
Expression muted, or
Which is preferred?

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