There is a battle in there

Published December 20, 2017 by tindertender

yin yang_2
From whence you came, a huge list of identity models to emulate. From what your mom or dad tried to share with their identity, to all the peer influences, to all the locker room ego challenges.

Yep, they can make you a fierce competitor, and yes, you might just be cunning enough to dominate another from all of it, but you can’t really embrace the balanced inner being from that cloak of identity.

Life is nuance. Its a series of events to produce emotion, not suppress it.

It is what your higher self asks you to negotiate, but there is no stage set up in this world for that actor. We’re told its weakness, and that’s by design. This way they can avoid you being empathetic to your fellow man.

The problem is all those visions of success are hollow, and ultimately keep you feeling that way. Then you don’t open to others, or your mate, and wind up trapped in the little life with a pet that never challenges you to feel deeply.

Today you can grab the sledge hammer and take a few swings at that wall. You will see that all the posturing was just that, and the world will gain so much more depth. Yes, people will attempt to pry it out of you, but that is just a round about way of exposing their wounds.

Take the leap of faith, try compassion. Hey, if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to being stoic.
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One comment on “There is a battle in there

  • “Life is nuance. It’s a series of events to produce emotion, not suppress it.” – I love this definition of life. A series of events that are meant to make us feel something. That we are supposed to feel it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. Can’t have sunshine without rain.

    Great post.

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