A Glimmer Of Hope

Published December 20, 2017 by tindertender

Sleeping, oblivious to the world, spinning in circles of pain. Life, as it was, ended that day in the sun, relaxing near rivers edge. What began as bliss and curiosity became darkness as never experienced before. Fear that freezes one from moving enveloped mind.

Life continues … You are here, and so am I.

Palm Light

So what is the plan, now that we know? Surreal expansion leaves one to wonder of the future, for life is everlasting … the reality of it is just on the brink, feeling of a tipping in, so close. I wait.

Verification … it comes from ideas and concepts, usually from more than one. To be sure of something, all points in the line must agree, must be in harmony. Is it possible that there are no links which are weak, or breaking? Is it possible to be certain that this ‘verification’ is accurate and true?

There are times when a thing is thought to be known, only to later be found in error. Also, that which was believed as error turns out to be firm fact, coming before the time of ability to comprehend.

I can honestly say I do not know … and this is the first thing I’ve said which is most likely to be real truth. Much misinformation has been spread and only swimming in the depths of ones soul can surety arise, or show itself as a glimmer. A glimmer of hope.


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