Tough Questions

Published December 18, 2017 by tindertender

self reflectionLife … it throws many trials at us. Some say that women return to the same type of abuse they became accustomed to in the past, I imagine it is this way for men as well. It takes a long time to begin questioning the deep-set cause of the continuation.

Questions, such as:
~ Am I subconsciously sabotaging this situation to protect my heart?
~ Am I really the biggest bitch everyone thinks I am?
~ Why am I standing aloof, far away from others?
~ How is it I have had trust stripped from my mind?
~Why am I so suspicious?

There are many who refuse to ask themselves these types of questions … personally, I swim in them. Does my asking them mean each and every one of them is true of me? Highly unlikely ~ although there are plenty of folks who would affirm the accuracy of them all … without asking of themselves the particular hard questions.

Sometimes, asking the questions of self out loud, gives others who hear the opportunity to latch on and try to prove, with much effort, the truth of it in regard the questioner. Still, the only answer needing sought, the only one, who without doubt, knows this truth IS the questioner, and only by seeking the answers can understanding begin.


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