Inner Reflection Thru Time

Published December 18, 2017 by tindertender

Inner reflectionReflecting on what is seen and heard, there may be struggle to climb out of the pit one might find themselves in and just, observe. Often responses are led by emotions, emotions from scars, triggers, fear, and lack of trust. Once a response to a situation happens, looking at it and trying to see it for what it is … so difficult, as it is not only torn apart by others, but by ones self as well.

Being our own judge requires a lot of effort. Examining personal behaviors and actions, it is quite ridiculous to shuck any responsibility for circumstances. Lack of proper communication leads to much assumption, conversation impossible for people locked into set beliefs without explanation. Everyone wears this trait, no one is spared.

It is sad to experience lack of care, even when effort is made to please. Years go by, and then effort becomes the reverse. Once a situation becomes customary, there is no going back, it is easier to avoid relationship, even if deep … it is still desired.

‘This side’, or ‘that side’ … it only shows an obvious divide, no possibility of co-anything. Boundaries, thick, proof of separation … Eventual acceptance … ‘it’s just the way it goes’. Fortunately, this is a place of time, where people and situations revolve, and evolve … constantly changing.


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