Crossing the Illusory Line

Published December 16, 2017 by tindertender

Boundaries.They are everywhere. From early childhood, as we learn how to color within the lines, we are taught boundaries, and how to stay within them.

green_handWho creates  boundaries? We all do. There are only so many inches one can be pushed before these invisible lines begin to develop, and be enforced.

In governments, there are many invisible boundaries. Although there are ‘rules’ to let us know exactly where these lines are, which ones we dare not cross, there are others hidden, only found quite by mistake, newly developed boundaries not yet told of.

Cities, States, and Countries have them with each other, and within these lines there are others, for the people within.

As barriers form around us, freedom to move shrinks, the space in which we live becomes more confined. The pressure of it causing unrest, discomfort. As invisible walls erupt around us, our own barriers are knocked down, tiny little things compared to this massive intrusion.

Is it an illusion? Or reality?


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