Collaboration Needed

Published December 2, 2017 by tindertender

imaginary_friendWill I ever see you? Do you care enough to collaborate with me about what is best for our future? Do you think it is best to avoid me and collaborate amongst yourselves only?

Why am I simply the ‘observed’ and not part of the team? There must be an interest in what I have to offer, otherwise you would have left long ago.

When will I see you? Will there be a ‘meeting of souls’ in my living-room? Will you tell me what needs to be done and allow me opportunity to work it out, determining whether I shall, or not?

Perhaps this is why you do not approach me, perhaps it is my acknowledgement of WILL, personal power. Maybe you see in me a risk to your scheme … what else could it be?

I am seen, you are not, yet we are all equally ‘real’. Will you help me to understand?

Pocket watchTime piece returned today, traded for a pair of new shoes; five pair of socks; two bags of groceries; a gift for another; dog food and dog treats. There is still money left over … an obvious, worthy trade.

Who needs time anyhow? The seasons will let me know what needs to be done and when. The sun rises to my opening eyes and nights moon wakes the song of creatures who sing me to sleep.

I love it here. It is all I remember. I am certain there is more to this story than has been told. Will you share?

Bell strikes three times, a solemn sound follows. A good-bye, yet new beginnings. Bell strikes thrice more, it is time to move forward. Two more times the bell tolls followed by one final, fading out, to silence.

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