Can We Let Go?

Published December 1, 2017 by tindertender

ignoring each otherSirens sound, I dare not look, a pretending that all is well. Perhaps it is true and everyone knew before they rang to confirm. Dust collects as time goes by, so far away, evading sight. Age shows in flesh first, in discussion it is rare. Coloring within lines, motto for life, ended in disrepair.

Fan-fare howling, amazed and intent on seeing, heat escapes through the vent. A steady tone sounds, a preparation is at hand. White walls bounce sound, bring it in, put it down. Chiseled features, in a corner of the room, assumptions, guesswork, wasted energy.

Mother breaks bond with child, she knows he must go find his way. She cannot protect him from his fate, his journey. He is hurt, he is angry, she suffers his wrath, and so do others. He must find a way to climb out of this into purpose, into healing. Unease settles into shoulders and floor boards squeak.

Anger of man

Questions and answers both dwell in the mind, meshing the two in time, stillness, quiet observation. Lyrical notes, another language sought, only half of communication known. Singular lengths twisted, stretched, silken threads caressed.

Dreams from another world disrupting breath, silent now. Actions promoted, stillness needed, rest now. Judgments shed, blossoming encouraged, embraced, empowered.

Fossil remains spread at roots absorb toxic waste, a cleaner life at stake. Interconnected, all harmonious union, poison released, replaced, transformed.

Eyes slowly closing, calm settles in. It’s a mind thing, it won’t come back. Racing … hearing … closer now. Gentle hands do not cause alarm, breath recovered, resting, deep wonder, light.


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