Spans Of Mind

Published November 30, 2017 by tindertender


Sharp edges span lengths
In my mind,
Lashes slapped on cardboard.
Oddly enough, eyes without sight .

Lines that cross do not touch,
Fade in, Fade out.
Grated spaces blow air,
Powered by a mysterious source.

Whistle in a plastic cup,
Gel of mind solidifies in thought.
Red waves in an invisible sky,
Miracles are made.

Snowflake, water, drink in hand,
Igloos, blue hole on top of sand.
Counting as time passes, the hidden is found,
Swimming in dry fragments of life, brittle.

Defining moments released
Make room for old habits, spared.
Expected behaviors, complied with by most,
Leave nothing but a hollow field.

Images, one next to the other
Seem real, yet fade.
How can it be, where did they go,
Are they in the mind of another?

Instruction given by one who leads,
Are they able to follow this path?
Figure 8’s appear as a string of DNA in light,
Reminding of what’s inside.

Little dark nicks marking distance,
A category adhered to.
Coyotes run by as I hold back the guard,
With joints that spread out to useful ends.

There is one holding staff,
Eyes bugging from skull,
Armored, protected,

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