Universal Planet Destruction

Published November 29, 2017 by tindertender


Aerial view of the Darling River in Australia.


The Darling has been in poor health, suffering from overuse of its waters, pollution from pesticide runoff and prolonged drought. In some years it has barely flowed at all. 

Dry Chinese Riverbed

Dry River bed in the Himalayas
On Earth, when a riverbed dries out it leaves a depression, or indentation in the Earth.

To see photos of a dried river bed in Utah, visit here:
NH Notes: The Exhumed Paleochannels of Utah and Mars

To compare with photos from Mars, visit here:

How many worlds are the so called ‘elite’ going to kill off in the name of greed and power?

They say we are over populated and there are not enough resources to sustain life. In reality, it is only a matter of poor management, by the same people who continue to destroy.

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